Reinventing the Working Vacation

Reinventing the Working Vacation

With the boom of the entrepreneurship, Canadians are looking for a place to get away but not fully unplug. The working vacation need not be a dark cloud looming over your downtime. If you plan it right, it can become your ultimate office-on-the-road. 

With the hot weather arriving and the children at home full-time, chances are you are longing to plan a getaway with the family. What about your business? Is it possible to just pack-up- and-go without missing a beat?

Being an entrepreneur on a working vacation has its perks, but it also can mean your day is jam-packed, with you wearing multiple hats. I know the dilemma all too well, running my business successfully while traveling through Europe for three weeks with my husband and one-year-old son last year. I had a similar experience when we took off for a ten-day Okanagan vacation with our two-week-old daughter and toddler for a post-baby-bonding trip. 

Here are a few tips for enjoying quality time with your family and not have your hubby rolling his eyes as you pull out your iPhone while sitting by the pool: 

Family Time Comes First!

Don’t let your work take away from your family vacation. Children grow up fast, and your time with them is limited.

Single-Tasking is Essential

Focus on one thing at a time. Set aside time to work and do not try to do both works and play together. Your husband and your children will thank you for it.

Check for Wi-fi

Plan ahead to ensure you have a Wi-Fi connection for answering emails and staying updated while on vacation. This pre-planning is key to any working vacation and should be at the top of your list.

Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More

Ensure you have options for changing your day on the fly in case something comes up that needs addressing. You never know when those storm clouds will surface or when the baby needs to nap in the stroller. I have packed a tattered Lonely Planet book with me for the past decade, and it has never let me down. 

Keep it All in One Place

Use tools like Tripit for email itineraries and let them stream to your calendar. Check on flights, your hotel arrangements, and prepaid events all in one place.

Schedule Your Work Time

Setting time allotments for family and work is important. Have a conversation with your partner about the hours you will be working and turn off technology when you are not working.

Virtual Meeting Time

Still need to check-in? Load Skype or Zoom onto your phone or your computer. Now nap time can be a great opportunity to hop out on the lanai and connect for a quick call. 

Leave the Paper at Home

Loading up Cloud tools like Drop-Box and Google Docs enables you to work seamlessly with collaborators. You can also do invoices on the fly with Freshbooks. Such tools free you from having to pack up numerous documents while on vacation.  

Write Down Your Ideas

The best ideas come from allowing your mind to slow down, relax, and be inspired. Take a journal or use tools like Evernote to compile audio, pictures, and notes-to-self.

Remember to Relax

This is the one time of year when taking some “me time” will help you get recharged. Nothing is more calming than a nap by the ocean or a walk on a trail to get you reconnected to what you love about your business.


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