Imagine what you can accomplish when you can delegate to a well-informed specialist who can handle a wide variety of administrative tasks? Administration support packages range from 10 to 30 hours per month. 

Handle It! Package

10 Hours Per Month / $400.00

Do you have so many admin tasks that you don’t know where to start? It’s what keeps many business owners awake at night. Some stay up into the wee hours trying to get it all done. Others lose sleep because the workload weighs heavily on their mind 24/7.

Now you have the perfect solution so you can focus on what’s really important – like building and strengthening your business! This package is the perfect introduction to working with a virtual assistant.

Our 10-hour HANDLE IT! Package gives you the ideal flexibility to get administration tasks done within the allotted timeframe.   

Complete It! Package

20 Hours Per Month / $750.00

Congratulations!  Your business is growing. Although you don’t quite need a full-time employee, you could really use someone to assist you on a regular basis. Imagine having that well-informed specialist who can handle a wide variety of tasks for you. What would it mean to you to just focus on what you excel at?

Our 20-hours COMPLETE IT! Package offers you the maximum benefit for every dollar you invest. Get important tasks or larger time-consuming projects off your to-do list with the ultimate flexibility.

Delegate It! Package

30 Hours Per Month / $1100.00

As a business grows, so does the monthly to-do list! Many business owners try to handle it all, often with less than desired results. So many projects and tasks require specific expertise. The additional learning-curve required to become highly skilled can be very time-consuming.  As a result, attempting to do it all can actually put a business even further behind. Thankfully Virsolara offers the perfect solution.

With years of experience in running my own business, I know how important it is for entrepreneurs to have the time and focus to concentrate on key business goals on a consistent basis.

Our 30-hour DELEGATE IT! Package provides additional hours and extra consultation time which enables me to fully understand, manage and organize all your administration projects seamlessly.

Administration Services Include:

Virsolara offers a variety of administration services to help you stay on top of your business

  • Calendar Management
  • CRM Organization
  • Reports & Spreadsheets
  • Document Preparation
  • Email Management
  • Project Management
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Office & File Organization

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