Five Reasons You Need a Virtual Assistant

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It happens all too often. Most entrepreneurs try wearing too many hats. Attempting to do it all often leads to an ongoing struggle to manage time and grow the business. When an entrepreneur burns out, productivity suffers.

Alternatively, when you focus on core high-level activities, your business can flourish.  Delegating tasks to a virtual assistant saves you valuable time and equips you with an equally valuable focus you need.

Here are some signs indicating that you could benefit from delegating to a Virtual Assistant:

1. You work 10-16 hour a day:

Why did I decide to be a business owner in the first place? It’s a good question to ask. Typically work/life balance is one of the chief reasons people decide to become an entrepreneur. If you are an entrepreneur who has taken on more and more daily operational tasks, you’re not alone. Entrepreneurs are often surprised to learn that the real power is in delegating non-essential tasks and freed up to fully focus on important projects.

By hiring a Virtual Assistant, you can concentrate on more revenue-generating tasks. How would it feel to gain more work/life balance and spend precious time with family and friends?

2. You have multiple projects and struggle to meet deadlines:

Outsourcing your administrative and routine tasks to your Virtual Assistant enables you to concentrate on meeting important (often revenue-producing or cost-saving) deadlines. You can finally gain back the dedicated time required to effectively manage those time-sensitive and revenue-generating activities.

3. You need help but can’t afford full-time employee:

If you need some assistance to manage essential tasks and projects, it’s probably time to hire a virtual assistant. Hiring a VA can help you strategically manage your workload without breaking your budget. As an independent contractor, a virtual assistant’s number one goal is client satisfaction.

When you hire a full-time employee, you have to consider the extra costs involved (including benefits and training). On the other hand, virtual assistants are skilled professionals with years of experience who can help you when needed.

4. You spend more time IN your business and less time ON important tasks:

Knowing when to delegate is a skill. As a business owner, your goal should be focusing on revenue-generating activities. You could spend hours paying bills, sending emails, or posting on social media. Alternatively, you could earn $300 at a meeting with a client for an hour. That is just one example of how delegating to a VA can help your business truly thrive.

5. You lack the skills required to get certain tasks completed:

Virtual Assistants often have specialized knowledge and skills in administrative, creative, and/or technical services. Many entrepreneurs don’t have the skills required to complete all the specialized tasks required to make a business successful. A doctor doesn’t schedule patients, run the x-ray machine, and clean the clinic. Instead, they focus on a high-level skill set and leave the rest to trained people who can be counted on to do certain tasks effectively.

The bottom line is simple: When you focus on high-level activities, your business can flourish. When you have the time to focus on the bigger picture, your clients get the attention they need and revenue increases. 

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Lara Mctavish

Virtual Assistant & Content Creator

Hi, I’m Lara. I’m a Virtual Assistant, Content Creator and Founder of Virsolara Solutions. I help my clients implement systems, build workflows, organize data and create content that boosts sales and gives them peace-of-mind.

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