Six Ways A Virtual Assistant Will Business Boost Your Profits

With so many professionals working from home, pivoting in the workplace proved that remote work is the way of the future and a virtual assistant can help your business boost profits. And with shifts in the economy, many saw the “stay home order” as an opportunity to start a business.

With the increase in business ventures, more entrepreneurs are looking for ways to manage work-life balance while still bringing in a steady income stream.” Building a business from the ground up by yourself” is now considered an old mantra. A significant shift is taking place as entrepreneurs seek out a new approach using digital-based resources.

Enter the Virtual Assistant!

For entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level expediently, a VA is a smart-management solution. Having a Virtual Assistant helps you handle administrative tasks and expand your business in high gear.

Can You Afford Not to Work with a VA?

A VA is a highly skilled professional who offers business services remotely. Many have specialized knowledge and skills in administrative, marketing, creative, and web-related services. Since they are self-employed, you don’t have to provide benefits or office space, making hiring one a cost-effective solution.

Rather than taking on new employees, a VA can help you manage your work volume without breaking your budget. As independent contractors, their number one goal is client satisfaction.

Some Virtual Assistants have an industry-specific background and in-depth experience working in various departments of a business.

As your business grows, your VA works closely with you and can easily take on more significant roles as you expand.

Here are Six Ways a Virtual Assistant can Help your Business Grow:

1. Handle Your Time-Consuming Administrative Tasks

As a business grows, filtering emails and phone calls become very time-consuming for an entrepreneur. With a virtual assistant filtering calls, email, and social media messages, you only receive the ones that require your response.

That way, instead of dealing with the overwhelming amount of detailed tasks, you can focus on the important big picture.

A VA can assist with daily business operations, such as:

  • Filter calls and emails
  • Manage your calendar
  • Schedule meetings and appointments
  • Data entry and organization

2. They can “Marie Kondo” your Business

Many entrepreneurs start a business driven by their ideas and passions. As a company gets established and expands, it is essential to keep things organized to avoid confusion and miscommunication. Great ideas can lose momentum when a business does not function in an orderly way.

Thankfully, virtual assistants have experience organizing virtual workplaces and can bring fresh perspectives and ideas to keep things running smoothly. They can also help set up new processes and integrate frameworks right from the start.

Virtual assistants primarily work remotely but have in-depth knowledge of proven methods for our digital world. They can even set up streamlined measures for communication and file-sharing within your business.

They can also assist you by capturing relevant data and organizing it into reports for you to review. 

3. Manage Marketing Campaigns and Social Media

Managing your social media accounts well can be overwhelming for an entrepreneur – that is, if you can even find the time to do it all. However, social media, when managed well, is the key to gaining and maintaining brand awareness.

A virtual assistant can help you set a schedule for posting to social media, post content for you, and assist you in boosting engagement.

When you hire a virtual assistant with marketing expertise, you also gain access to a professional who is up-to-date on social media trends and marketing strategies. Your VA can help with your marketing tasks and take on more projects as your business expands.

A marketing VA can assist with the following activities:

  • Generating, managing, and nurturing business leads
  • Prospecting
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing material design and creation
  • Content creation
  • Blog writing
  • Designing business proposals

4. Provide Cost-Effective Solutions

Businesses in the start-up phase are usually on tight budgets. So, having an assistant on your payroll is often not feasible.

Virtual assistants are the perfect solution because they are self-employed and, therefore, cost-effective for you. Rather than taking on new employees, hiring a VA can help you manage your work volume without breaking your budget. As they are independent contractors, their number one goal is client satisfaction. They don’t require employee benefits, office space, or paid time off. Since they’re self-employed, they cover all those costs on their own.

With a virtual assistant, you save on the usual training costs because they have the expertise and knowledge, and most require minimal training to get the job done. You pay for the handling of specific tasks or projects, which makes budgeting more straightforward.

5. Offer Flexibility to Suit Your Schedule

As a new business owner, you are most likely putting in some long hours to get things up and running. A virtual assistant can work around your schedule.

Consider also hiring one from a different time zone to help out with customer service. If you operate a worldwide or even country-wide business, many of your potential clients may live in different time zones. With a VA, someone is managing your customer service seamlessly.

6. Regain Your Own Work-Life Balance

Many business owners have discovered how trying to do everything becomes more challenging as the business grows. When an entrepreneur reaches the burnout stage, the company can suffer. Delegating tasks to a virtual assistant not only gives you breathing room, but it will also make you more productive. It is the secret to getting more done in less time and with less stress.

A lack of work-life balance can stifle your ability to perform at your best. When you hire a virtual assistant to manage tasks and projects, your business performs well, and you have the time to recharge.

Work with me a Vancouver based Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant is one of the best things you can do for your business’s long-term growth. Virtual assistants will grow your business faster because you have more time to do what you do best, including providing top-notch services to your clients.

Think about all the revenue-generating projects you could focus on without many essential tasks weighing you down.  Ask yourself where you could use some help? What functions could you hand off to me so you can focus on what you do best? Are you ready? Let’s work together.


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